GPS Tracking for Off-Campus Housing

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*Taken from the LandAirSea Website. Click here

Campus Housing Goes High-Tech

With over 2,500 units and 5,545 beds in Arizona, Ohio and Texas, Homestead U is one of the nation’s leaders in student apartment living, specializing in off-campus student housing. Homestead U prides itself on transforming the resident experience into a fun, upbeat social experience in a clean, affordable and conveniently located environment.

A division of Homestead America, Homestead U shares in the vision of warm, welcoming communities with beautifully landscaped gardens, spotless common areas and inviting home interiors. With a focus on off-campus housing for students, Homestead U recognizes the need for the resident social experience in addition to providing a clean and secure housing environment.

Homestead U also understands the importance of providing practical tools and amenities that helps enhance the overall college experience for their residents. And this is precisely why they have decided to use LandAirSea’s SilverCloud® Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems to monitor their campus buses and shuttles.

The SilverCloud® GPS trackers gives users and dispatchers the ability to track each bus or shuttle in real-time from their computers, laptops and/or mobile devices. With user-friendly SilverCloud® web-based mapping interface, users can set time-based and location-based alerts; set virtual geo-zones, which can be set to send notifications via email or text-message (SMS) whenever the device enters or leaves a specified zone; and can even generate printable, detailed text reports. Past historical routes and tracking data can also be viewed with the SilverCloud® Online interface.

Another innovative feature of the SilverCloud® GPS Tracking System is ShareSpot®. With ShareSpot, users of the SilverCloud® and SilverCloud Sync® can share their live GPS location online in real-time from a website or even a Facebook page. The shared online mapping window shows precisely where the vehicle is and how fast it’s traveling, allowing the public to conveniently see its location at any time conveniently from a web-browser without having to contact the user directly.

This feature is extremely useful for Homestead U’s residents, many of whom rely on the shuttle and bus service to get to and from campus. With the ShareSpot® residents can see precisely where their shuttle is in proximity to their current location from their computers or smartphones.

For a sample of how Homestead U is utilizing the ShareSpot® technology, visit their campus housing pages:

For more information about LandAirSea’s SilverCloud® GPS Tracking System, contact one of their helpful and knowledgable representatives at 847-462-8100, or email


Homestead U Gives University Village a Makeover

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–How OSU’s landmark apartment complex is upgrading the resident and leasing experience –

 Columbus, OH (February 8, 2013) University Village has undergone a major renovation of their office headquarters at 505 Harley Drive.  The leasing office, models, entryways and hallways, fitness center, computer lab and tanning room all have a fresh new look.

“We wanted something new and modern, to reflect the energetic, dynamic personalities of not only our onsite team, but of our residents as well,” says Laura Formica, Director of Marketing for Homestead U.  Today’s students are much more aesthetically inclined, and we wanted our décor to reflect that in a really fun, cool way.”
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Homestead U Acquires Riverpark Towers and River's Edge in Athens, Ohio

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– New amenities and updates will add a modern touch to OU’s landmark apartment complex –

ATHENS (July 20, 2012) – Continuing their expansion into off-campus student housing, Homestead U (HU) and equity partners Columbus Pacific Properties (CPP) has finalized the acquisition of Riverpark Towers and River’s Edge, 528 units and 1,020 beds located on the South Green of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio for $38.5 million.

The purchase of Riverpark Towers and River’s Edge is the company’s first venture at Ohio University, and will emulate its sister property University Village, 1008 units located 2 miles from The Ohio State University campus. HU’s strategy is to offer students affordable apartment homes while providing a fun, upbeat, social experience in a clean, convenient environment. Continue Reading →


Homestead U Acquires University Village

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– Company’s first venture into off-campus student housing –


Columbus, OH (August 10, 2011) Homestead U (HU) and equity partners Columbus Pacific Properties (CPP) purchased University Village Student Apartments, a 1,008 unit, 1,856 bed, class “B” property for $54.5 million.  University Village is located in Columbus, Ohio and within walking distance of The Ohio State University.


The property, built from 1959-1965 is 99.9% occupied and was purchased well below replacement cost.  HU’s intention is to steadily increase rents to reflect the demand in OSU’s student housing market. In addition to the necessary capital improvements, University Village will undergo a renovation of the leasing office, models, and fitness center.
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