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As mentioned previously, our company is participating in a local Safety Council in order to enhance our understanding of safety in the workplace in hopes of keeping our workforce sound and healthy.  Thank you to Dave Anderson for attending the monthly meeting in October and to John Rykowski (University Village) for representing Homestead in November.  Read on for tips from the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) on preventing slips, trips and falls.

Work-related slips, trips and falls often result in sick days, reduced productivity and expensive workers’ compensation claims for the employer. The average BWC claim for lost time (taking time off) related to slips, trips and falls is more than $31,000.









Here are 10 ways to reduce falls in your workplace:

· Keep a written housekeeping program;

·  Ensure that floors are clean and dry;

·  Employ proper floor cleaning procedures;

·  Wear slip-resistant shoes;

·  Block entry into areas with wet floors;

·  Maintain adequate lighting;

·  Encourage employees to take their time and watch where they’re going;

·  Maintain a written removal plan for snow and ice;

·  Place additional mats in entrances during inclement weather;

·  Ask employees to use stepstools instead of standing on furniture.


If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining a safe work environment, please contact Laura Schulman at or 614-221-5400 x 311.  Also, if you have an interest in attending on of the monthly council meetings, please talk to your supervisor and contact Laura.


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