New Leasing & Marketing Managers in Lubbock and Tucson

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Kaitlyn Key – The Ranch

Kaitlyn was recently promoted from Leasing Agent to Leasing and Marketing Manager at The Ranch in Lubbock, TX. Originally from the great big town of Gruver, Texas. Where the cattle population is greater than the people. Key moved all over the nation growing up and played a little collegiate ice hockey in the Midwest then ran back to Texas as fast as she could. She attended Texas Tech University as an Agriculture major. When in college she worked as a farm hand and at her student apartment complex. Key has been working in student housing for almost 4 years now. In her free time she likes to play disc golf, tailgate for Tech football games, hunt, play fantasy football and baseball and eat free home cooked meals at her grandmas house. She is a die hard fan of Texas Tech football, Big Red, Frito Pie and Alex Rios’ legs who plays for the Texas Rangers.




Bailey Zygutis – NorthPointe

Bailey was promoted to Leasing and Marketing Manager at NorthPointe in Tucson, AZ.  She was working as the Leasing Consultant at The U leasing center near The University of Arizona, representing both NorthPointe Apartments and The Ranch at Star Pass.

Zygutis is an Arizona native, born and raised the beautiful city of Scottsdale.  She moved to Tucson in 2008 to attend the University of Arizona (GO CATS!) and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Sciences in 2012.

After college, Bailey decided to stay in Tucson, working as a Personal Trainer, which led to her first marketing job as a sales rep for a supplement company called Cellucor.  If her past career choices didn’t make it obvious, health and fitness has long been a love of hers.

She has also had numerous customer service-related positions and absolutely loves working with others!

A good friend of hers introduced me to the Homestead U apartments here in Tucson. She said  “I was very impressed.  I can tell you from personal experience that there really are no other Tucson living communities that can compare (in quality, value, price, etc.), so when I was offered the job at The U, I was all in!

“I can see a lot of potential here and am excited to work together as a team to let that potential shine!”


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