Homestead U is making the turn!

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It’s that time of the year again! That magical time when many of our residents are moving on, others make the wise decision to stay for another awesome year of residence, and many new faces are starting fresh at Homestead U. Some call it “Turns” others call it “Rush” – whatever you call it, we know it’s our time to shine. That means more man hours and a lot of elbow grease from the Homestead U team.

Repairs, painting, cleaning, scrubbing, moving furniture, landscaping, more cleaning, organizing residents, organizing vendors, fielding concerns, and welcoming our new residents are just the beginning of the tasks our teams do during this crazy time of year. “For some of you, this is the hardest you have ever worked. It will push you to your max, both physically and mentally, and STILL be one of the COOLEST things you have ever done!” says Ally Herron, Director of Operations.

As we prepare for the next school year at our communities, all of us at the home office are grateful for our teams out in the trenches. You are the reason residents come to live at Homestead U, and the reason so many of them decide to stay! “For those of you who have never done turn before, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!  Only those who have done it and survived it, will ever truly get it,” says Herron.


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