The Pavilion’s New Resident Life Center

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The Pavilion residents got their first look at the new Resident Life Center. The RLC got a complete overhaul of the interior design and. From high-end modern furniture to a new posh lounge area, Pavilion has pushed the true meaning of luxury student living. Ben French, Digital Manager of Homestead U, attended the unveiling event and was quoted “I love the look! It has that traditional and refined look yet done in a modern way. Nice work all around”.


Employee Spotlight: DaQuan Phillips

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Name: DaQuan Phillips

Job Title: Assistant Community Expert

Property: Helix Starkville

1.) How long have you been with Homestead?: One Year

2.) What were you doing before Homestead?: Front-End Supervisor at Kroger

3.) Where are you originally from?: Raymond, MS

5.) What are your two favorite hobbies?: Running and Reading

6.) What would you most like to tell your 13 year old self?: Be patient. Everything happens for a reason. Also, never give up on your ideas.

7.) If you could have coffee with three people, dead or alive, who would it be? My mother, who passed away in 2007, Barack Obama, and Kobe Bryant.

8.) Who is the most famous person you have ever met?: Shad Moss “Bow Wow” and Rae Sremmurd.

9.) What is your dream vacation?: Paris, France, to visit the Eiffel Tower.

10.) What is the one thing, you can’t live without?: My family. I love and cherish each of them dearly and my life would be incomplete without them supporting me.

11.) What is your proudest moment at HA/HU? When we reached our leasing goal for 3 weeks straight, and got awarded with FREE lunch!


Video: HU Download the App Contest

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HU is kicking off the first contest of the year with “Download the App Contest”. The contest runs from October 1st -31st and the team with the highest percentage of downloads wins a party sponsored by Communique! Shannon Latsko of UV stated “This app has been an amazing way to communicate to our residents. Our team and our residents are excited and we’re going to make a hard push to win that prize!”

Angies Corner: Won’t Back Down

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In honor of one of my all time favorite singers, Tom Petty: 

“Well, I won’t back down. No, I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down. No, I’ll stand my ground. Won’t be turned around. And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down. Gonna stand my ground.” – “I Won’t Back Down,” 1989.


The Ranch Lubbock Gets a New Resident Life Center

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Exciting news for Homestead U and The Ranch family in Lubbock, Texas. The property recently finished it’s bigger and better resident life center. The project included a bigger bistro, a bigger fitness center and a bigger computer lab. With a complete overhaul of the interior design. “With this competitive and evolving market, this is the game changer we were looking for.” Said Ally Herron, Homestead U Asset Manager.


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