Employee Spotlight: Eric Dunn

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DunnEmployee Spotlight

Name: Eric D. Dunn

Job Title: Maintenance Director

Property: Floating (Farber House, La Grande Jatte, Commercial Sites)

1.) How long have you been with Homestead? 1 year and 2 months

2.) What were you doing before Homestead? Owned my own construction & maintenance business

3.) Where are you originally from? Palm Springs, California

4.) What’s your favorite part about being a Homestead Employee? Homestead values us. We are more than just a number, we are a team.

5.) What do you like to do outside of work? Fishing, camping, target shooting, and spending time with family.

6.) What’s your favorite band or type of music? I like all types of music

7.) What’s your favorite website? Yahoo.com (News)

8.) What’s your favorite local restaurant? O’Charleys

9.) What’s your dream vacation? Trip to Alaska

10.) What’s the best TV Show you have seen recently? Sons of Anarchy

11.) What’s your favorite Homestead memory? Trip to CAA and dinner at el Vaquero afterwards.

*Dunn was selected for this week’s employee spotlight after a heroic act earlier this month.

District Manager Todd Jessup Said “Here is the low down….Eric had started his day at Farber House working on a first floor apartment when he noticed a bicycle wheel go by in the window.  That struck his as odd because that side of the building has a lot of shrubs on it and no one really goes down that side of the building.  A moment later he heard a loud thud,  like something heavy had fallen in the apartment next door.  Eric had the curiosity and took the initiative to wonder what might be going on.  So, he went outside and looked down the side of the building and the bike was laying up against the building with a small duffle bag right behind it.  That is when he noticed the window open in front of the bike.  He call 911 right then and told the police that a burglary was in progress.  The police showed up very quickly, Eric let them into the building and was pointing out which apartment the guy was in when the door to the apartment opened up and the captured the thief with a laptop and cell phone in his hands…I love a happy ending.”


Safety Corner

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As mentioned previously, our company is participating in a local Safety Council in order to enhance our understanding of safety in the workplace in hopes of keeping our workforce sound and healthy.  Thank you to Dave Anderson for attending the monthly meeting in October and to John Rykowski (University Village) for representing Homestead in November.  Read on for tips from the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) on preventing slips, trips and falls.

Work-related slips, trips and falls often result in sick days, reduced productivity and expensive workers’ compensation claims for the employer. The average BWC claim for lost time (taking time off) related to slips, trips and falls is more than $31,000.









Here are 10 ways to reduce falls in your workplace:

· Keep a written housekeeping program;

·  Ensure that floors are clean and dry;

·  Employ proper floor cleaning procedures;

·  Wear slip-resistant shoes;

·  Block entry into areas with wet floors;

·  Maintain adequate lighting;

·  Encourage employees to take their time and watch where they’re going;

·  Maintain a written removal plan for snow and ice;

·  Place additional mats in entrances during inclement weather;

·  Ask employees to use stepstools instead of standing on furniture.


If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining a safe work environment, please contact Laura Schulman at lschulman@homestead-america.com or 614-221-5400 x 311.  Also, if you have an interest in attending on of the monthly council meetings, please talk to your supervisor and contact Laura.


Promotions and New Team Members at NorthPointe

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Congratulations to Nikki Manrique and Wesley Kuefer who were recently promoted at NorthPointe Student Apartments in Tucson, Arizona! Brandon Bleil also joins the team as the Business Manager.


Nikki takes a turn in the dunking booth during the Pavlov party this summer.
Nikki takes a turn in the dunking booth during the Pavlov party this summer.

Nikki was promoted to Property Manager from Business Manager, and brings to the team 9 years of student housing experience. She was born in Phoenix, AZ, and has been living in Tucson for the last 18 years. Manrique studied at the Hogan School of Real Estate and also has a degree in psychology from Pima Community College. In her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, horseback riding and traveling.





Wesley gets down with the residents during a recent party at NorthPointe.

Wesley (center) gets down with the residents during a recent party at NorthPointe.

Wesley was promoted to Leasing & Marketing Manager from Leasing Consultant. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Kuefer moved to Tucson in 2009 to attend the University of Arizona. She graduated in December 2012 with a major in Public Administration and Management, emphasizing in Criminal Justice and minoring in psychology. She started working at NorthPointe in 2010 as a Community assistant until she was offered a full time position as a Leasing Consultant in 2012. When she takes a weekend she’ll either head north to Phoenix to see family and friends or take off on a plane to somewhere new and exciting. She recently took a trip to Austin and San Antonio and fell in love with Texas. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, running, camping and fishing. Wesley is also a Denver Broncos fan and is thrilled that they are doing so well. Go Broncos!

Kuefer said “I have been at NorthPointe for a long time and I am excited to see all of the positive changes take place. We are in the process of re-branding our community and the motivation my staff is expressing is refreshing and exciting. We are looking forward to the new and improved NorthPointe Student Apartments!”



Employee Spotlight: Ally Herron

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A_HerronEmployee Spotlight

Name: Ally (Alyssa) Herron

Job Title: Marketing Director

Property: University Village

1.) How long have you been with Homestead? Since May 2013

2.) What were you doing before Homestead? I was the Corporate Training Director for Crawford Hoying, then moved to Property Manager of Olentangy Commons.

3.) Where are you originally from? Ostrander, Ohio

4.) What’s your favorite part about being a Homestead Employee? My co-workers! I love the people on my property!

5.) What do you like to do outside of work? Hang out with my husband, dogs and friends. I love to travel and I love to hang out with my family. My sister’s family, parents and brother’s family all live very close. We have to be one of the loudest families out there, but you will hear us laughing not yelling!

6.) What’s your favorite band or type of music? I like a lot of different music. But mostly anything to karaoke to or sing at the top of my lungs in my car!

7.) What’s your favorite website? People.com – Who doesn’t love a good train wreck!?

8.) What’s your favorite local restaurant? Der Dutchman!

9.) What’s your dream vacation? A leisurely trip around Ireland. (My husband and I are going next year)

10.) What’s the best TV Show you have seen recently? Revenge

11.) What’s your favorite Homestead memory? The UV outing to Zoombezi Bay!

11.) What’s your favorite Fall activity? Pumpkin Picking and OSU Football!


The Columbus Dispatch – Century-old Atlas Building bringing more upscale living downtown

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UnknownStory by Steve Wartenberg

Published: 9/29/13

Click here to visit The Columbus Dispatch


Joel Lilly, left, and Michael Schiff of Schiff Capital in the lobby of the Atlas Building, which they are renovating into apartments.

Joel Lilly, left, and Michael Schiff of Schiff Capital in the lobby of the Atlas Building, which they are renovating into apartments (Photo by Adam Cairns).







Standing in the ornate lobby of the Atlas Building, local developer Michael Schiff sounded like a proud parent as he discussed his plans for renovating the historic Downtown skyscraper at the northeastern corner of N. High and Long streets.

“Look at all this marble,” Schiff said, sweeping his hand to point out the floors, columns and staircase covered in the crystalline limestone material that has been a prized building material for centuries. “There’s not a lobby like this anywhere else in Columbus.”

And then he pointed to the ceiling, which is covered in brightly colored sunken panels called coffers.

Work will start soon on the $20 million renovation project to convert the 1905 office building into a 98-unit, upscale apartment building with retail space on either side of the lobby. Continue Reading →


Columbus Underground – Construction Begins on Aston Row Townhomes in Victorian Village

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Story by: Brent Warren

Click here to visit ColumbusUnderground.com



Construction is scheduled to start this week on the newly-redesigned Aston Row townhomes, which now feature a more contemporary look. The for-sale product will complement a 59-unit apartment building currently under construction at the corner of Third and Dennison Avenues in Victorian Village.

The ten townhome units, which will be about 1,800 square feet, all feature two-car garages and rooftop terraces. Jason Snyder of Snyder Barker Investments said he expects the units to be delivered by May of next year, with prices starting at $425,000. A second row of townhomes that would face Starr Avenue is still in the planning stages.

“We have a conceptual design for the Starr Avenue phase but won’t finalize the design and start construction until we sell at least a few units of the Aston Row phase,” said Snyder, adding that they started with the units facing the alley “because it creates a bookend development for our apartment building with it’s location, scale and design. It will dramatically change the experience along the alley which will be a real positive for the residents of both developments and the neighborhood.”

Snyder expects demand to be strong for the townhomes.

“At the moment, there are virtually no new construction ‘for sale’ options for people in Victorian Village. We believe people will find the combination of features that Aston Row provides very attractive.”


As for the Aston Place Apartments, windows are currently being installed and plumbing and electric work is ongoing. The hope is to have the first units available in early February and the building completely finished in early March. Pre-leasing will start in the near future.

More information on the project is available at www.liveaston.com.

Ongoing discussion about the Aston Place development can be found on our messageboard.

Aston Row renderings by Sullivan Bruck Architects. Aston Place construction photo by Walker Evans.


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