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Employee welfare is paramount at Homestead and is something that requires commitment by all employees to ensure we are doing all we can to achieve the safest work environment possible.  One of the things we are doing to deepen our charge for employee well-being is participation in a local area safety council in Columbus.  Monthly meetings focus on a variety of topics geared toward work place safety.  While the safety council is a local group and is tied to workers compensation in Ohio, the overall teaching points are universal to all of our properties.

The July meeting was focused on proper waste management and featured an Environmental Specialist from the Office of Compliance Assistance.  The main take away from the meeting was that it is our business responsibility to determine if our waste is hazardous and, if so, dispose of it properly.  Hazardous waste should not be disposed of in a dumpster.  Instead, hazardous waste should be recycled or stored for pick up by a hazardous waste transporter.  By following the appropriate guidelines for proper waste disposal and not taking shortcuts, we are proactive in managing potential complaints against us and inspections by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have any questions about waste management and whether or not an item is hazardous and requires a special disposal method, please contact your local Office of Compliance Assistance & Pollution Prevention.

Please contact Laura Schulman at lschulman@homestead-america.com with any questions about our participation in the safety council or general questions or concerns about workplace safety.


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