Employee Spotlight: Rittner Hufford

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Employee Spotlight

Name: Rittner Hufford

Job Title: Director of Special Projects & Leasing

Property: Homestead U – Tucson (Northpointe Student Apartments & The Ranch at Star Pass)


1.) How long have you been with Homestead? 6 Months (Since January 2, 2013)

2.) What were you doing before Homestead? Campus Apartments (Dreaming about a company like Homestead!)

3.) Where are you originally from? Price, Utah. Grew up in Colorado & Arizona

4.) What’s your favorite part about being a Homestead Employee? The Team! Great support and open communication. That’s hard to find at other companies.

5.) What do you like to do outside of work? Take me to dinner & a movie and I’m a happy camper. I like camping too.

6.) What’s your favorite band or type of music? Country, real country.

7.) What’s your favorite website? Homestead-U.com, duh! or Google.

8.) What’s your favorite local restaurant? Jonathan’s Cork in Tucson, AZ.

9.) What’s your dream vacation? Cruise to the Bahamas!

10.) What’s the best TV Show you have seen recently? Game of Thrones

11.) What’s your favorite Homestead memory? Trip to Ohio. Columbus is a great city and I loved meeting the team!



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