Employee Spotlight: Rae McKenney

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Employee Spotlight

Name: Rae McKenney

Job Title: Property Manager

Property: Olde Towne Apartments


1.) How long have you been with Homestead? 6 years

2.) What were you doing before Homestead? Housing Industry (Realtor, Mortgage Originator and leasing)

3.) Where are you originally from? Columbus, OH

4.) What’s your favorite part about your job? I really enjoy all of the different aspects of my job versus doing the same thing every day. However, doing the bills and budgets are relaxing to me.

5.) What do you like to do outside of work? I enjoy gardening, swimming and just hanging out with my friends and family.

6.) What’s your favorite band or type of music? I like all kinds of music, but my favorite is country

7.) What’s your favorite website? ForRent.com (Helps me with my job – lol)

8.) What’s your favorite local restaurant? Long Horn

9.) What’s your dream vacation? Italy

10.) What’s the best movie you have seen recently? I love The Grinch with Jim Carrey


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