Employee Spotlight: Lisa Shoewalter

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LisaName: Lisa Shoewalter

Job Title: Accountant

Property: Home Office

Lisa was recently promoted to manage the development accounting for Homestead Development Partners. She also does all of the accounting for HA conventional properties, and assists with the HU student housing properties. 

1.) How long have you been with Homestead?: 2.5 years

2.) What were you doing before Homestead?: Working at a less superior property management company.

3.) Where are you originally from?:  Westerville, OH (Suburb of Columbus)

4.) What’s your dream vacation?:  Drive cross country in a pimped-out RV with no time restrictions.

5.) What do you like to do outside of work?: Read, Yoga and anything with my kids.

6.) What is the best concert you have been to?: Bruce Springsteen

7.) What’s your favorite part about Summer? Pool Time

8.) Who is the most famous person you have ever met?: Many. My ex father-in-law was Jason Robards.

9.) What is a talent you have?: Good Listener

10.) What super power would you have?:  Flight

11.) What is your favorite HA/HU memory?:  Last year when the home office team dressed up as Guy Purington for Halloween.



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