Employee Spotlight: Kaitlyn Key

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Kaitlyn Key, The Ranch Leasing and Marketing Manager

How long have you been with Homestead? First Round: 32 Months Second Round: 4 Months

What were you doing before Homestead? Well I left Homestead to wander the world and go find greener pastures. There is a reason why I came back.

Where are you originally from? Eight Oh Six! Texas.

What are your favorite hobbies? Taking my cat to public places in my backpack and setting up crazy golf holes in my garage.

What would you most likely tell your 13 old self? Eat moms food. All of it. Inhale it. You’ll thank me when you’re 24.

If you could have coffee with three people, dead or alive, who would it be? Jerry Jones, John Wayne and Megan Winterton.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Kliff Kingsbury. He was in front of me boarding a Southwest flight. He took a seat next to a window. I stood there for a second contemplating if I should go for it or not. Then I looked at him and said “Yeah Im gonna do this”. Sat right next to him in the middle seat. I told him he was a lot taller in person. He told me I was a lot shorter in person.

What is your dream vacation? Columbus, OH to meet Angie the Voice of First Impressions.

What is the one thing you can’t live without? Golf. I’m oddly obsessed.

What is your proudest moment at HA/HU? Seeing the students I manage graduate and move off. Its terrible and a pain don’t get me wrong but its extremely rewarding when they thank me for teaching them so much and for giving them an amazing first real job experience.


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