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DunnEmployee Spotlight

Name: Eric D. Dunn

Job Title: Maintenance Director

Property: Floating (Farber House, La Grande Jatte, Commercial Sites)

1.) How long have you been with Homestead? 1 year and 2 months

2.) What were you doing before Homestead? Owned my own construction & maintenance business

3.) Where are you originally from? Palm Springs, California

4.) What’s your favorite part about being a Homestead Employee? Homestead values us. We are more than just a number, we are a team.

5.) What do you like to do outside of work? Fishing, camping, target shooting, and spending time with family.

6.) What’s your favorite band or type of music? I like all types of music

7.) What’s your favorite website? Yahoo.com (News)

8.) What’s your favorite local restaurant? O’Charleys

9.) What’s your dream vacation? Trip to Alaska

10.) What’s the best TV Show you have seen recently? Sons of Anarchy

11.) What’s your favorite Homestead memory? Trip to CAA and dinner at el Vaquero afterwards.

*Dunn was selected for this week’s employee spotlight after a heroic act earlier this month.

District Manager Todd Jessup Said “Here is the low down….Eric had started his day at Farber House working on a first floor apartment when he noticed a bicycle wheel go by in the window.  That struck his as odd because that side of the building has a lot of shrubs on it and no one really goes down that side of the building.  A moment later he heard a loud thud,  like something heavy had fallen in the apartment next door.  Eric had the curiosity and took the initiative to wonder what might be going on.  So, he went outside and looked down the side of the building and the bike was laying up against the building with a small duffle bag right behind it.  That is when he noticed the window open in front of the bike.  He call 911 right then and told the police that a burglary was in progress.  The police showed up very quickly, Eric let them into the building and was pointing out which apartment the guy was in when the door to the apartment opened up and the captured the thief with a laptop and cell phone in his hands…I love a happy ending.”


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